Come join us for our next Church St. Connection on Sat., July 27th @ 7PM. Calvary's Praise Band will offer inspiring music. This is a free event.

Small Groups

The teachings of our faith have consistently informed us that human beings live and function best in community. Beginning with the book of Genesis, in which God states “It is not good for the man to be alone”, all the way through the Bible into Revelation, the writings repeat the theme that life is to be lived in fellowship with others. We are also taught that even though God gives a variety of gifts and abilities to individuals, each talent is given with the intention that it be used to build up and benefit the larger community.

So, since God created us to share our gifts with each other, Calvary Church has been intentional about creating spaces and places where people can learn and grow together, identify each others gifts, and learn to serve each other in joy.

Our current groups welcome you, and new ones are forming as needs and opportunities arise. We welcome you to participate in our portion of the Body of Christ.

Now Offering…

A Christian Education group meets in the Chapel Library at 9:30AM at Calvary Church each Thursday morning to enjoy an exciting blend of Christian growth topics.  Bring your morning beverage of choice, if you would like, and discover what Christ in Action and What’s on Your Heart? are all about.

No sign up required.  We would LOVE to have you join us.  This is an equal opportunity group, meaning that all ages and genders are welcome to come, share, and grow as Christians.