A 9AM Worship Service will be held each Sunday via ZOOM. For information about how to log-in to a service, please call the church office 610-777-8441.


Sunday 9:00AM ~ World Religions Study (Continued) (Main floor)

If you didn’t get a chance to join in our world religions study in the Fall of 2019, you’re in luck! We will continue our deep discussion and stoke our fervent interest in the beliefs and practices of other religious adherents around the world this January & February. We will be moving east, focusing our attention on traditions like Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism & Shinto.

Sunday 10:30AM ~ Spiritual Beings (Main floor)

For lots of different reasons, many modern readers of the Bible don’t notice these characters or don’t know what to make of them. Most of our modern portrayals of angels and demons are based on deep misunderstandings of what the biblical authors are trying to tell us about these creatures. Spiritual beings play a really important role in the biblical story, and that’s what this video series and group discussion is all about.
Sundays Jan 5th-Feb 16th @ 10:30 in the Prayer Room!

The Thursday AM Bible Study

Join us from 9:30-10:30AM in the Chapel Library. Facilitated by Bob Wagner & Frank Scalise, we’d love to have you in fellowship with us. All are very welcome! Please follow this link for information on the current study topic. New Thursday AM Bible Study

For Mid-Week Adult Study Offerings, go to: Mid-Week Offerings

L.I.F.E. Groups – (Living In Faith Everyday) – Please follow this link for more information L.I.F.E. Groups

Koinonia Groups (K-Groups) – Please follow this link for more information K-Groups