Come Trick or Treat at Calvary on Oct. 31st from 6 - 9PM!


Sunday AM 9:00 Study in the Prayer Room (Main floor)
Join us at 9:00 for a fascinating examination of World Religions. Over the next 7 weeks, we will learn more about the Major world religions, as well as some minor ones. One can expect to come away with a knowledge of the basic practices and beliefs of these faith traditions, the variety of movements within these larger traditions, and changes that have occurred over time in these traditions. We will also take some time to examine various “Theologies of Religion.” This approach helps us to see the many traditions alongside one another, begging us to ask questions like: “Why are there so many traditions?” “Are they all pointing in the same basic direction, or are they radically divergent?” “Who’s right/who’s wrong/are all right/are all wrong about what they believe?” Because we learn best when we are given more than one perspective, we will also examine these religious traditions from a variety of Christian views, helping us to see that there is no one way to measure a religion. You don’t want to miss this study! Prepare to be challenged; prepare to engage with others; prepare to think outside your box!

Sunday AM 10:30 Study in the Prayer Room (Main floor)
Join us at 10:30 for a deep, local, and honest study on Forgiveness. The class will be progressively reading through the book Amish Grace, accompanied by supplementary materials to foster group discussion. We will explore relevant aspects of the Amish culture, seeking to understand how forgiveness could come so quickly and decisively in the aftermath of the Nickle Mines schoolhouse shooting. We will further explore what is really going on when we forgive others for the wrongs they do to us. Without a doubt, this study is sure to challenge us, especially in how we love our enemies, and in how we can choose to let go of the oppressions done to us. Come, grow in your faith, share your thoughts and feelings with an honest and safe group, and deepen your walk with Jesus through this book study!

The Thursday AM Bible Study

Join us from 9:30-10:30AM in the Chapel Library. Facilitated by Bob Wagner & Frank Scalise, we’d love to have you in fellowship with us. All are very welcome! Please follow this link for information on the current study topic. New Thursday AM Bible Study

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