A 9AM Worship Service will be held each Sunday via ZOOM. For information about how to log-in to a service, please call the church office 610-777-8441.

Mid-Week Offerings

Due to the Coronovirus outbreak, ALL Christian Education and Mid-Week activities have been cancelled through March 28th.

Wednesday Nights at Calvary Connection
6:30PM – 7:30PM

You are welcome every week, but feel free to jump in when you can!

Kingdom Kids
Led by Linda Ebersole and assisted by Yvonne Davies, Kingdom Kids is a fun time of music, Bible stories, activities and fellowship for children ages 4 – 4th grade. All are welcome! Please drop your child(ren) off in the Music Room.

The Gathering
New for Adults, the Gathering Area will be open for anyone looking to rest and engage in conversation with others. Our hope is that especially parents/grandparents bringing their children for “Kingdom Kids” might find this a welcome space of rest and relief, and honest fellowship. We might not have the energy or desire to learn in a class on these evenings, but we may be willing to get to know each other and share the burdens/joys of the day. Come to the Gathering!

Adult Study
March 4th – April 8th  Facilitated by Richie Weitzel, DCE
What Does The Cross Mean? Have you ever taken the time to consider what the Cross of Jesus has meant to Christians over the past 2,000 years? Have you taken the time to think about what it has really meant to you? All of us recognize the cross as the universal symbol for Christian faith, and many of us have a brief, Sunday-School answer stored in our minds for moments when we are asked to explain what the death of Jesus means for Christian faith.
Come join us on Wednesday evenings in Lent as we resource several teachers from across the theological spectrum, exploring the many Christian theories on the cross, its significance in the death of Jesus, and the impact it has on our faith today.

The Thursday AM Bible Study
This group meets weekly (9:30AM-10:45AM) in the Chapel Library and is facilitated by Bob Wagner, CLM & Frank Scalise.  Please follow the link below for more information about the current topic of study.

New Thursday AM Bible Study