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Youth Prayer Meeting at GSM

The following email was received from Praveen, Bro. Henry’s son:

Dear Brothers, Sister, glory to Jesus,

Thank you for your prayers, youth meeting went well by the grace of God nearly 400 hundred people came to this meeting; .Muslims, Hindus attend this meeting.  Thank you Jesus.  A municipal commissioner of Puttur came to this prayer through one young girl who is working as an assistant commercial tax officer.  That man belongs to a high caste; in India we have caste system. But God spoke to him in a wonderful way. All glory and honor to Jesus only. Thank you for your prayers.  We were blessed because no one objects for this prayer meet.   Please continue to pray for this meeting to not getting any problems from other religious people. We are doing this youth meets in attractive way to bring the youth to salvation.  The whole town is talking about this youth meet and God is bringing revival in Puttur; especially for youth through Good Shepherd Ministries.

Please pray for next month youth meet on 13-12-14. The theme is LETS CELEBRATE.

For Christmas we are planning with help of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that many Hindus and Muslims come to this youth meet to know Jesus is true God.

Now I want to share the story that happened last week.  One day in the afternoon one pastor called me and shared about one woman. He told me she is suffering with HIV positive then I told him to give me the address and I will go meet her tomorrow, I felt in the evening the Holy Spirit telling me to go see her.  Then I called the pastor and other elder came along with us. We took the school van and we went good shepherd hospital for some Celine bottles and gloves along with nurse in the night by around 7 p.m.  When we went to their home I saw her laying on the floor and suffering with terrible stomach pain. Her house was covered with darkness.  Her husband passed away and she is having two  sons; one son 17 years old went Chennai city for work and his brother 5 years old.  When we went there somebody told us her elder son is also coming from Chennai to see her. Her young son is named Nethaji.  He was playing in the street because he doesn’t know his mother is suffering with HIV. Then I decided after few minutes to bring her to Puttur to our hospital along with her son.  We gave some pain killer injections. And I was thinking about that little boy maybe he was also suffering with HIV.  I asked the lab tech to test the boy.  The lab tech said the result would be about 30 minutes. So much raised in my mind because these people are not educated.  I was praying for negative result. The result came back as negative by grace of God! Even though they are Hindus Jesus loves the little boy.  The next day God touched her and she also was very happy that God healed her stomach pain and they accepted Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we are going to take them to Thiripathi for getting ART medicine for her.  Please pray for her and two sons.  Now I am sending only that woman and 5 years old son.  The older son came from Chennai to see his mother.  I ask the little boy to join in our good shepherd English medium school.  Praise the Lord for all He is doing!

Thank you for your prayer and support!


Open the pdf below to view pictures from this event.

Youth Meeting Photo Gallery Nov 8 2014

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