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The Village of Little Souls


There is a Village of Little Souls not far from here.  The little villagers are wonderfully made with smooth, soft skin and wide, wondering eyes.  They are toothless, illiterate and non-English speaking.  The little bit of hair on their small, round, partially bald heads still smells of the heavenly place from whence they came. Their wee ears delight in the sounds of The Music Box Orchestra, and their teeny feet are just beginning to navigate this new world in a somewhat wobbly way.  Their tiny hands clutch their animals and are made just right for a game of patty-cake, though some of the villagers prefer to play peek-a-boo.  The citizens of the Village of Little Souls have been known to make an entire feast from just graham crackers and juice.

Now, it would be easy to look at this community and think they are so wonderfully made, such perfection, they don’t have need of you and me.  It is not uncommon to think the wee villagers are so lovely and adored, surely, what few needs they have are happily and eagerly attended to by others, that there is no more room for additional missionaries.  But, this is not true.

 The Village of Little Souls is in desperate need of missionaries who can build block towers and name objects for them.  With warm laps for rock-a-bye and soft voices for singing and reading. They need gentle hands for wiping runny noses and tiny hinnies.

No passport or immunizations required, teens to seniors may apply.  No experience necessary.  No long term commitment required.  No fundraisers needed.

Imagine a remote settlement where the inhabitants have yet to be told the Good News of their Savior and Father in Heaven! The Village of Little Souls awaits on the top floor of Calvary United Methodist Church in Mohnton, PA.

Your next mission field is closer than you think. Won’t YOU join us?

To volunteer to care for the “little souls” in Calvary’s nursery during a 9AM or 10:45AM worship service, please call the church office at 610-777-8441.

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