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Online Church Directory

In response to many requests, as well as to a directive in our Long Term Strategic Plan, we are planning a new church pictorial directory. Our church family has seen many changes since the publication of our 2009 directory. Therefore, this new directory will be a valuable tool that will help us become an even more supportive community of believers. However, a new directory will only be truly useful if it includes the majority of our members/friends. We are encouraging everyone to take the time to complete, sign, and return either the electronic form below or the paper copy which was mailed to each household. You may choose to have your picture included, or not, but we are looking for at least 60% of our membership to participate in the data roster to make this project worthwhile.

Having a directory online will allow us to:

  • Include pictures of new members as soon as they join;
  •  Access address and phone number information remotely via computer or mobile device;
  •  Update your picture anytime you desire; and,
  •  Use a picture from your personal collection of photos.

You will access the directory by using a link on our church website. The directory will be in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed) and password protected. The password will be supplied to all members. It will be up to us to keep the password in the Calvary community to ensure everyone’s privacy.

Directory Information Form

Each participating household will need to complete and submit either an electronic or paper copy Directory Information Form. Additionally, if you would like to include a photo, please electronically submit (via email attachment) an un-cropped, non-copyrighted picture, preferably no larger than 4×6. If you do not have a photo and would like to include one in the directory, several dates will be set up for informal pictures to be taken at the church by volunteers. Those who are unable to travel to the church may request an on-site photo in your home.

Please complete, sign and return the form sent to your home or complete and submit the electronic form below ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31st. Then email your photo to, if you so desire. If you do not have an email address or are not comfortable using email, please submit a hard copy photo, and we will do our best to use a scanned copy. Your photo will be returned to you.

The initial set up of the online directory and all updates will be handled through the church office. You may change your information or photo at any time.

We really would like to have this project be successful. YOUR participation is KEY to that success!

Directory Information & Release Form

Required to include member/friend information in Calvary's online directory.
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • mm/dd/yyyy **Office only; not published**
  • The information supplied on this form will be retained by Calvary United Methodist Church, Mohnton, on a database and will be used to compile a directory list to be distributed electronically, on the church website, and/or hard copy format. By typing your name or signing the form you are giving your consent for the information above, including pictures, unless otherwise indicated, for these purposes. *Note that all persons 18 years or older must sign this form.

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