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New Playground at GSM

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I am very happy to share with you about kinder world playground dedicated in the name of Father, Son & Holy Spirit. What a joy in faces of little children they never touch the playing things in their lives, when I saw their little hand touching the things joy fill their faces amen you can see in pictures.

We invited all the parents for this dedication program. When I spoke with parents there are very happy about school. They said this is missionary school so it is very good to join   our children. What a testimony from gentiles. We are thankful to your prayers and all the support towards GSM, this is only Christian school in Puttur. There are 10 other schools all are the Hindus schools. Ours only Christian school. Praise to Jesus.

Today children sing song of showers of blessings, and bible reading prayers and dedication by Bro.Henry.  You can see the happy faces in the pictures. These children never played with these things. What blessings for you friendship.  I am once again thank you from bottom of my heart. Thank God we get one first sponsor for school building. I thank God for His provision. Pray for 999 sponsors.

Yours in Christ,

Bro. Henry & Praveen

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