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New Office – Same address

I am happy to report that a great deal of progress has been made in our construction projects over the past several weeks. The new Gathering Area has taken its final form, and is mostly complete. We still need to paint and hang a few things on the walls, but the major features are in place and looking good. The new area is larger in reality than it looked on paper, and as a bonus, it is absolutely flooded with light! I expect it to become a favorite feature of our church structure in a very short time.

Construction has also begun on the renovation downstairs in the famous “wet room” which has challenged our Trustees many times over the years. The new plan calls for cutting a channel into the floor around the room and feeding water into a new sump pump, the removal of deteriorating wood and old concrete, and a new concrete and tile floor. We will be adding a small kitchen, new lights and ceiling tiles, and some other upgrades to make the space a bit more inviting and contemporary in appearance. We are planning to have everything in place before September’s Rally Day. It should be a wonderful addition to the facility, and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed space.

Finally, I am delighted to report that, thanks to the generosity of the church and our Trustees, I am very happily ensconced in my new office space in room 109. The room has new windows, freshly painted walls, and brand new furniture, including a small conference area that we will use for small group work and staff meetings. I was able, through some careful shopping, to include everything I ever wanted in a personal work space and to do so on time and on budget. I’m really pleased with how things turned out and would welcome the chance to show things off to visitors. Please feel free to stop in for a visit the next time you are at the church. I’ll be delighted to see you.


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