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Men’s Groups

At Calvary Church we believe that men are called to become three things. We strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus, leaders within our spheres of influence, and supportive brothers in Christ.

Discipleship requires us to be regular in worship attendance, prayer, and study of the Word. Some men aren’t much for talking. But, we can all participate.

Leadership calls us to develop and use the talents God has given us for the benefit of others. This sometimes means offering local service or traveling to distant mission fields. Other situations ask us to lead in the local church, community or at home. Either way, God expects a man of faith to be a servant leader, somewhere.

We all need friends. Some men need more; they need brothers. Men they can trust. Brothers who will walk the valley with them, and be there, no matter what. Even Jesus had his group. They weren’t much until he poured his life into them. Then they changed the world.

Find your place in the brotherhood of Calvary Church by contacting Bob Werner to discuss service projects, Bob Wagner to discuss K-Groups, Cathy Benene for information on L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith Everyday) Groups, and Pastor Bern to learn about the ministry of the United Methodist Men.

Bob Werner:
Helping Hands – 610-777-1771 –
Bob Wagner:
K-Groups – 610-796-0111 –
Cathy Benene:
LIFE Groups – 610-796-0539 –
Pastor Bern:
UMM – 610-777-8441 –