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India Team Fundraiser

The fundraising continues as our “Ambassadors of Love”, the members of the 2017 India Mission Team, prepare to make their way to the Good Shepherd Mission in Puttur, South India in late December. From medical camps to sponsoring a meal for the Mission staff/residents and clothing for the poor, your participation in any/all of their fundraising events will help to make God’s work possible.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21st, from 5-10PM, if you eat at the Texas Roadhouse and hand in the voucher (please open the PDF below), 10% of your bill will be donated to the India Mission Team.  And feel free to cut the page apart and hand out the other three vouchers to friends and family!

So, please look ahead on your calendar, plan a night out for dinner, and support the Ambassadors of Love!

TRH 4uplove

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