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I Think Spring Has Sprung!

Today is Wednesday, March 12th. It’s raining again, but it isn’t snowing! We’ve had several days with temperatures above the freezing mark (finally!), and I suspect that in spite of the media hysteria the currently predicted storm will miss us – at that winter will finally be over! Halleluiah! Let the warmer weather commence.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to generate some enthusiasm for church programming again, now that people will be able to get out and about without the risk of ice, snow, and falling. The other staffers and I have been busy tweaking the established programs and establishing some new ones. For instance; in response to the people who wanted to see an Adult Sunday School Class offered on Sunday mornings we are now offering two sessions in the Prayer Room for those able to attend a Lenten study Sunday morning. We also have two Adult classes during the week – Thursday morning at the church and Thursday evening at the church. Check the bulletin and the rest of this site for more details. The point I want to make is that we heard what people were asking for and have been working to provide it. Now we are looking for the students who said the wanted those classes to show up and participate – otherwise, what was the point of choosing and arranging to offer the classes?

I have also heard many comments over the past several years regarding some individuals concerns that we don’t gather much as a full community anymore. Well, let’s hope they are coming to  the church 5th Sunday Breakfasts, or the Men’s Breakfast scheduled for this Saturday (the 15th), or the Health and Wellness Fair scheduled for the 30th. A lot of us will be here for theses events – and we hope now that the ice has melted, you will be too. Please come to any and all of the church events of your choice – we are offering them as a service to you! Join us – Calvary Church would be a better congregation if everyone participated and found a way to support our community of faith together. See you in church! Pastor Bern

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