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Good Shepherd Mission Updates

2022 Updates

Easter 2022: Easter Newsletter 2022

3/25/22:  Good Shepherd Mission Information

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,
Loving greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
We are all safe by the grace of God, hope you are all fine. By the grace of God all our projects like Hospital, HIV project, School, Home for old people and child care, evangelists and Rural medical centre, Kolladam. All are going on well. Thank you for all your prayers and support.
About Hospital: After closing the COVID centre, We started our service on regular basis. We are conducting eye surgeries, hysterectomy surgeries and other surgeries. Everybody is working hard to help poor and needy. Total patients for these months January, February, March – 1738 patients (eye 1038 patients, general 300, gyn 180, dental 120, Hysterectomy surgeries 15, eye surgeries 49, other surgeries – hernias 3). Because we have given our hospital for COVID center for few days, the number of patients are to be considered for two months. Our hospital is providing practical training to our nursing student. 
About Old people and Hostel Children: All old people are safe and healthy. The children are getting ready for their final exams. The date of exams have been changed to April/May 2022.
About HIV/AIDS Centre: The patients are healthy. They are getting regular medicine from retro viral therapy centre, Tirupati. Baby boy John is growing and he is healthy.
About School: The children are attending the school regularly with no mask!!!. All are studying well. Recently, the parents meeting has been conducted. Discussed about their education. Soon, the schools are going to be run one session.
About Evangelists and Youth meeting: All our evangelists are praying for the World, and for your families and GSM. Every Saturday, youth meetings are conducting in different villages and towns. Every Wednesday, Sunday school are conducting through Zoom at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
About Kolladam project:  Rural medical center is working on well. The poor people are attending to get free treatment freely. Nearly 75 patients have been treated. 
Pray for: 1.Pray for our staff and doctors 2.Pray for our children and old people 3. Pray for our the old people that they do not get problem during summer 4.Pray for our all the projects and pray for administration for their help 5.Pray for all the spiritual programs that we conduct 6. We are under the process, to get burial ground for GSM. Please pray for that.

Praise the Lord!!!: Everything is going on well. We are all healthy and safe. No one is affected with COVID.

Bro. Henry Bhasker

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Thanksgiving-Christmas GSM 2021

GSM Report

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Christmas Letter – GSM 2020





2019 Year End Report From Good Shepherd Mission


Collage pages from Christmas at Good Shepherd Mission

2018 Christmas Greetings from Bro Henry Bhasker & Praveen

Christmas GSM 2018

2018 Thanksgiving Wishes from Bro. Henry Bhasker

Thanksgiving GSM


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Thanks for all your prayers and support. Everything at GSM is going along well. The Hospital is very active. All the children are good and going to school. Please pray for their studies. Recently, we had a team of 21 nursing students from Missouri Western University. We had medical trainings on CPR, Women Hygiene Training and training on protecting our eyes to lessen the chance of getting cataracts. Many nursing schools were covered with these training programs. We also conducted a medical camp at the GSM Hospital. The team journeyed for tourist places before ending their stay in India.

The evangelical work is going on well. We are conducting many meetings including prayer meetings. The old people are doing well. We have some still at the mission and also some are staying at the HIV/TB Center. They are all doing well. Please continue to pray for their health. The HIV patients are doing fine and the monthly program for local HIV patients being provided with nutritious foods is going along well.

We are all very grateful to you for all your prayers and support.
God bless you,

Thanking you
Yours in Christ
Bro. Henry

Easter Newsletter 2018

Pictures of 2017 Christmas Festivities at the GSM – from Bro.Henry

Posts from our Mission Team:

Email Rec’d Thursday AM, 01/04
Written by Vicky Kefer
This blogger must apologize for not sending more regular communications. We have been so busy that I can’t seem to find a spare moment! It is just past 11 pm here on our last night in India. How could the time have passed so quickly! We have done four medical camps, and as the attached photo states, we are the MARATHON MEDICAL CAMP CHAMPIONS! We administered 466 Hep B immunizations and nearly ran out of tootsie rolls. About 400 others were treated for ailments and pain or received prescriptions.

We have attended worship services, served many meals to the poor and homeless. But serving the staff and children was very special since they have all done so much to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Interacting with the staff and children has been the most rewarding. Playing games with the girls, cricket with the boys and climbing up to the rock, not to mention deep discussions with Praveen and Brother Henry. We had some henna hilarity as well.

Signing off for now. It has become 1 am somehow and we must be up early for prayer at the New school as they begin the roof installation. We will see everyone soon!

Email Rec’d 01/02/2018
Pastor Scott officiating the dedication and naming of Sweetie’ s baby. Pastor was given the privilege of selecting the name for little “Honey.” This new little girl now is now called Elina Rose. What an honor to be present for this occasion.

Email Rec’d Tuesday, 02/02/2018
Photos texted by Pastor Scott to his wife, Linda

Email Rec’d Saturday, 12/30
Written by Deb Bierly
Last evening, Brother Henry invited street beggars and local tribal people to the Ashram.

The tribal people are basically gypsies. They live at a subsistence level in tents and travel around as a tribe. They are illiterate. The children don’t attend school. The government gives them permission to hunt to help feed their families.

These beggars are the poorest of the poor. They are mostly elderly and often ill or crippled. There is sadness, grief, worry and hopelessness in their eyes and on their faces. The gift of a simple woven cotton blanket adds gratefulness to the mix.

Giving each adult a new blanket and then feeding them a hot meal is a very humbling experience.

This is why we raised funds.
This is one reason we come.

I am humbled.

Email Rec’d Monday, 01/01/2018
Written by Vicky Kefer, New Year’s Eve morning:
Sunday morning brought worship in the Ashram at GSM. Just like church at home, attendance seemed light, but as soon as the action started the room filled up. Singing by GSM students, Ambassadors and a message from Pastor Scott. He was also highlighted on electronic drums for some of the songs. Following worship a total dance party broke out to worship songs. We made them up, did the hokey pokey, watched the young boys dance and generally celebrated joyfully! What a wonderful bonding time!

The afternoon was spent playing with children having a blast! Lion and Goat, amina achimina, cabaty, all enjoyed with laughter and hugs. The early evening we spent witnessing and helping to offer meals to impoverished from a nearby village.

From 9 PM to almost 1:30 AM we rang in the New Year GSM style with performances by the children, singing, praising God, praying and testifying. Pastor Scott delivered a message about resolve and Allen led us in song once again. At midnight we all greeted each other with handshakes and hugs. A bonfire was lit; we had some tea with cookies and continued to mingle before we convened for final songs and prayer. We were exhausted, but there was no better way to ring in 2018.

Email Rec’d Friday, 12/29
Texted to Linda Widmer from Pastor Scott
It’s 8AM here; we eat our meals on a big open porch. The local train just went by. Music is playing from either the train station or one of the local Hindu temples. I saw three wild pigs this morning. Some of the people in the hospital yesterday treat us like gods. I helped one old man with a walking stick back to his feet, once standing he dropped his stick, bent over and touched my foot, then stood in front of me, handsfolded in prayer and bowing.

We went to a fabric shop in Puttur yesterday and chose material for hand tailored shirt and pants. (I just saw a wild pig run past!) 

Email Rec’d Saturday, 12/30
Written by Vicky Kefer
We are one tired team today! Before breakfast Allen received a haircut and shave from a local barber courtesy of Brother Henry. The work morning began with a village medical camp hosted by Pastor Johnson and his church. Once again the funds we raised were at work treating 206 patients and immunizing 109 children for hepatitis B. The entire team jumped into action and did an amazing job working together. We seem to be getting pretty good at this!

After lunch we shopped in Puttur for gifts and souvenirs aided by Mary, the girls hostel supervisor. We picked up some fun and useful items and along the way captured the busy life of Puttur. We finished off by the women getting measured for their garments.

Upon return to the Mission, we went right over to the ashram where indigent, homeless and gypsies were given blankets and a big meal. The team aided in the distribution. Once again utilizing the funds we raised over the previous 20 months. It was an incredibly humbling experience.

It feels good to be very tired for doing what God calls us to do, being Ambassadors of Love.

Email Rec’d Friday, 12/29 AM
Written by Vicky Kefer
It is difficult to put into a few short paragraphs the experiences our group encounters. Last night we met for a welcome gathering at the ashram. We had introductions by Vicky, prayer by Pastor Scott and songs led by Pastor Allen. Many of the evangelists were there, as well as special guests, Sweetie, her husband, and three month old baby, affectionately called Honey. Deb had the privilege of holding the dear little one! Despite the straight face in the photo, Sweetie looks very happy.

In the morning we had devotions led by Hatsie with breakfast. Following our AM meal, Connor, Mckenna and Pastor Scott kicked around a soccer ball with one of the mission boys, popping two on tree thorns before calling it quits. At 10AM we headed to the hospital for our first medical camp. Over 200 people were aided or received prescriptions. We were able to immunize over 100 children for Hep B. The entire group participated and, I believe, found the experience rewarding.

After lunch we did a little shopping for fabric to make saris and churidars for the women. The men also picked fabric for shirts and slacks. So much to see in the busy town of Puttur! Street vendors, shops, people everywhere. A beautiful chaos with its own unique order.

Email Rec’d Thursday 12/28 AM
Written by Vicky Kefer:
Adventures of traveling began with some misplaced passports and set of keys, but once underway the airport ride went well. We arrived early at Newark, so we just chatted until it was time to check our bags. Flights seemed long, but we were all in good spirits. We can say we visited Greece via the Athens airport! Dubai was very updated and clean. In the photos we waited for our flight in the pretty atrium.

Despite concerns about our humanitarian flight status, we had no obstacles with our travel. Our luggage arrived in total, medical supplies and all. Brother Henry, Praveen and a cadre of helpers met us at the airport where we had a happy reunion. Brother Henry treated us to refreshments at a cafe in Chennai, then it was off to the Mission. We were greeted joyfully by the children of the English Medium School and so.e of the orphans. Banners, garlands and flower petals showered us along the path around the mission. Our hearts could not be more full. Our bellies were also filled with delicious food prepared by Anitha and her cohort Jothi.

It feels wonderful to be here, seeing old friends. It seems Brother Henry has a full roster of daily activities. Hopefully we can share some of them along the way.

Dear sister,
The team reached safely.Tell everyone to pray that everything go well.
God Bless you

Wednesday, Dec. 27th – Update

They are in Athens for a stop and then to Dubai.

2017 India Team Ready to Depart 12/26 @ 4PM

December 2017 – Christmas Letter from Bro. Henry Bhasker
Christmas Letter –GSM 2017

Thanksgiving Letter from Bro. Henry Bhasker
Thanksgiving Letter – GSM

September 2017
Photo Updates

April 16th, 2017

Please click on the PDF below for an Easter message from Bro. Henry.

Easter – April 2017

February 22nd 2017

Dear Sister in Christ
We are happy to inform that Sweetie got marriage with one of our hostel boys by name Jayasankar. This is for your kind information.
Thanking you
Yours in Christ
Bro. Henry

January 31st, 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am herewith sending a Photo Gallery of Eye and Hysterectomy surgeries and also a Medical Camp we conducted at the Road Transport Office. It was a blessed day for many who came for treatment. We are praising the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you,
Bro Henry

Eye-Hysterectomy Surgeries – Medical Camp Jan 2017

January 9th, 2017

We are very thankful that God has done great things in Christmas season, New Year Eve and at the time of visitors visiting GSM. Everything is done by God’s grace.
1.We purchased clothing to all the children and old people, but not to the staff members.
2. We had big celebration on Christmas and fed so many people on 25th December afternoon and January 1st afternoon.
3.Distribution of blankets to the beggars along with feeding.
4.We have conducted five medical camps at GSM hospital: Puttur, Balijapalli, Beerakuppam, Kalathur, and Kolladam. We have treated 1,236 patients and given hepatitis-b shots to 625 children. The team worked hard and everything went well.

Thanking you
Yours in Christ

January 1st, 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I pray all have a Blessed and Happy New Year in the Lord! Thank you for all you have done for GSM in 2016. We are looking forward to serving the Lord in 2017 with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you for all you prayers and support!

God bless you,
Bro Henry

New Year Letter from GSM 2017

December 25th, 2016

Christmas Greeting from Bro. Henry
2016 GSM Christmas Newsletter

December 14th, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Jesus name,
I am herewith sending a Gallery of Eye Surgeries. This would not be possible without generous hearts like yours.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you,
Bro Henry


December 2nd, 2016

Open the document below to read stories of women whose lives have been positively impacted by the work at Good Shepherd Hospital.  To God be the Glory!


October 24th, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Jesus,
I hope you are doing well. We are all fine at GSM. The children are doing fine and concentrating on their studies. The old people are doing fine but we had one woman pass away recently. Her husband is still with us by God’s grace. In the HIV Center there is one man, Ravi, who has also recently passed away. We are continuing to conduct hysterectomies and eye surgeries at the Good Shepherd Mission Hospital. A team from Missouri through Grace Evangelical is coming after the Christmas Season. We are looking forward to many programs that will be a blessing to many people. The water tank from Calvary Church is going to be completed. water-tower

God bless you,
Bro Henry

July 30th, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Jesus Christ,

I pray you are all well.  We are all fine by God’s grace.  We had a team from Missouri come and conduct work in the Physical Therapy Department at GSM Hospital.  They were a blessing to many and has just left the mission.  The children are continuing in their studies and the old people are doing well.

We are continuing to conduct eye surgeries and hysterectomies and everything is going along well.

Please continue to pray for the mission.

God bless you,

Bro Henry

July 5th, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Jesus,

I am herewith sending eye surgery gallery for you to view.  It is by God’s grace and donations from you that make this possible.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.

Bro Henry

Eye Gallery 6-2016

Photo gallery for the new well.

June 7th, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Jesus,

I pray you are all doing well.  We are all doing fine.  Many projects are starting now.  The water tank project at the hospital will be a blessing when completed. This has just been started and should take about 3 months to complete.  The project at Nandalur through Wendy Bugay/Calvary Comfort Ministries has also started with the sewing project; teaching woman how to stitch so they can help support their families and presenting them with sewing machines/tables.  The children have taken their exams and enjoying their summer.  Two of the children have not passed 10th class exams; please pray they do well when they take the exam again in June.  Many are getting ready for 11th and 12th class.  There are also some children going to technical schools.

We are continuing to give nutritious food to the HIV children and their families once a month and also youth meetings 2 times per month as well as healing services and prayer meetings.

Continue praying for us due to the weather.  The extreme heat is causing much trouble.  We do hope we are blessed with less heat in coming days.

God bless you.

Bro Henry


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    Thank you for the updates. It makes me feel that I’m right there with you, missing you too. I look forward to hearing about the memories that were made during this trip.

    Blessings to everyone,
    His Richest Blessings,

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