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Explore the Final Days of Jesus

An 8-Day Revolution…Friday to Friday

Beginning on March 2nd, join us for a 6-week study by Jason Nelson on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30PM in the Chapel Library

Leader:  Bob Wagner, Certified Lay Minister

This study examines a few of Jesus’ final days. A handful of scriptural snapshots reveal to us Jesus’ revolutionary actions and teachings as He willingly embraces His trajectory to the cross. If you’re looking for an example of what to do and say to get yourself crucified — Jesus is your man.

The four Gospels teach us that Jesus officially begins His preparation for burial on the Friday He enters Bethany and claims His work finished the following Friday in Jerusalem while dying on the cross. And although the Gospel evangelists don’t say one word about what Jesus is doing on Saturday or Wednesday, these eight days are worthy of our utmost attention and reflection, for in this brief period of time (from Friday to Friday), Jesus revolutionized the world in eternally significant ways.

Get ready to approach each discussion time with an open mind as we make our way through this study with a sense of amazement about who Jesus is and what He accomplished in just eight days.

Come each week or for any portion of the study…and bring a friend!  Just bring your Bible…no other books required.  The series is streamed through Right Now Media.


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