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Sunday Mornings at 9:00AM AND 10:30AM

Christian Education for Adults & Youth in Prayer Room

Same class taught at both times to accommodate all worshipers at Calvary UMC

TOPIC:  The Canon:  Mining for the Word w/Eric Elnes

How did these 66 cultural history lessons, collections of poems, family genograms, allegorical stories, and community letters—all gathered from sources that stretch across time and place—become the Bible? Eric Elnes describes a process of canonization that is far messier, subjective, and ongoing that we might imagine. As Eric looks into the methodology used to extract sacred “gold” from the many, many streams of writing and thought that make up the history of our faith, we discover that the shifting and refining might not be complete. What work do we need to do as we seek to uncover the richness of the Bible?

Next Chapter Starting October 21st
TOPIC: History: Parchment to Pixel, Phyllis Tickle

Does the way we access the Bible change the way we read and interpret the Bible? Phyllis Tickle believes this question is paramount as technology makes it easier for us to carry the Bible in our pockets or look up a verse online and out of context. By tracing the history of the Bible from its origins as a set of oral stories passed down from community to community, to the days of the Bible being read to the illiterate masses in Latin, to our current open-source approach to the Bible, Phyllis suggests that access is everything.

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