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40 Days of Preparation

Due to the Coronovirus outbreak, ALL Christian Ed. classes have been cancelled through March 28th.


9:00AM on Sundays, March 1st – April 12th in the Prayer Room

Jesus, the Victory of God, and Resurrection, a Lenten study focused on a section of a larger work, The New Testament and its World by two scholars, N.T. Wright and Michael Bird. These authors have striven to take us deeply into the world of the New Testament and subsequently the scriptural text, explaining things in a way most of us can understand. We will cover and discuss a brief overview of the quest for the historical Jesus, then examine:
• Jesus’ profile and practice as a prophet,
• Jesus’ self-understanding,
• the event of his death,
• a look at afterlife conceptions in antiquity, and
• the Easter story according to Paul and the Gospels.

This study will be facilitated by Richie Weitzel, DCE

To view a brief trailer click on the following link:

10:30AM on Sundays March 1- April 5th in Prayer room (1st floor).

It Is Finished, by pastors David Dorn and Jason Nelson from The Woodlands United Methodist Church, is a six-lesson study built around the final words of Jesus from the cross. Jesus’ last words are powerful teaching moments that if unpacked, can radically shape our lives as we learn what it means to be human and the limitless love of God. Each lesson dives into the historical and practical significance surrounding each of Jesus’ phrases while the study guide gives the viewer different spiritual practices to participate in throughout Lent.

The study will be facilitated by Deb Bierly.

5:30 – 6:30PM on Wednesdays, March 4th through April 8th (in the Social Hall)
Come for a simple meal of soup, bread/rolls, beverage and dessert on any Wednesday in Lent. Enjoy the food and fellowship. Afterward, everyone is invited to the mid-week Lenten Study (see below), but attendance isn’t mandatory to participate in the meal.
IF YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO MAKE SOUP on one or more Wednesday evenings (crockpots work really well for this), or bring rolls or cookies, please contact Richie Weitzel at 717-376-5780 or email him at

6:30-7:30PM on Wednesdays, March 4th – April 8th (Gathering Area)

What Does The Cross Mean? Have you ever taken the time to consider what the Cross of Jesus has meant to Christians over the past 2,000 years? Have you taken the time to think about what it has really meant to you? All of us recognize the cross as the universal symbol for Christian faith, and many of us have a brief, Sunday-School answer stored in our minds for moments when we are asked to explain what the death of Jesus means for Christian faith. But truth be told, most of us have not considered the wide variety of meanings inside of the Christian tradition that have been applied to this instrument of death. More than likely, we’ve not thought about our own personal response to this rather paradoxical symbol in quite some time.

Come join us on Wednesday evenings in Lent as we resource several teachers from across the theological spectrum, exploring the many Christian theories on the cross, its significance in the death of Jesus, and the impact it has on our faith today. I guarantee you will learn something new!

This study will be facilitated by Richie Weitzel, DCE

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