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New Evening Bible Study

Study Led by Craig Caltagirone
Wednesdays, February 21st – April 4th
7:00-8:30PM, Chapel Library

Join us for an exciting exploration of the Biblical significance of the number “40” as we understand together what it means to go through difficult times to prepare for something greater. Is this not why we give things up during the season of Lent?
We will examine Old and New Testament stories such as Noah and the flood, Moses on the mountaintop, Jonah’s journey to Nineveh, Jesus’ temptation, and the Resurrected Christ. Participants can hope to come away with a new understanding of the Biblical narrative culminating in a refreshing personal perspective on the necessity of sacrifice in the course of our spiritual growth.
No RSVP Required…Hope to see YOU there!
[These are individual lessons, so if you aren’t able to commit to every week, please come when you can.]

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