Dec. 24th @ 10:30AM: Christmas Cantata ~ Ceremony of Candles


For many of us, any real learning at church ended with our high school graduation. Unfortunately, Christian Education in many places is something geared more exclusively towards kids and youth, and adults can get left behind. But if we, as adults, have stopped growing, what kind of faith will we model for our peers and for our kids?

At Calvary, we believe it’s time to change the way adults learn at church!
On Sunday mornings at 9:00AM and 10:30AM in the Prayer Room (main floor), we offer a radically different format for faith engagement. This year we will be primarily utilizing the Animate curriculum with three series on Faith, Bible, and Practices. We will also have two series during the Christmas and Easter seasons relevant to those holy days.

Animate invites participants to bring their own experiences and ideas into the group setting where faith issues can be discussed in a judgement-free way. We do not learn here by having information and instruction dumped on us. This group study is sparking open, honest and imaginative conversations through the use of fun sketches, honest questions, and provocatively insightful words from innovative teachers.

On Thursday mornings at 9:30AM and in the evening at 7:00PM, we are offering two different studies. The morning group is exploring the treasures of C.S. Lewis in a video and discussion study on The Screwtape Letters from a new point of view entitled: Affectionately Yours, Screwtape ~ The Devil and C.S. Lewis. This study group is full of amazingly inquisitive folks who represent Calvary’s continued interest in learning! Come and pull up a chair in their circle!

Click here for more information about this study: Screw Tape Letters

In the evenings we are exploring the theological insights presented in The Shack, a most timely book that just recently became a movie. Come to have your preconceived notions about who God is challenged, and receive helpful tools of healing and recovery in the face of loss and suffering.

Click here for more information on this study: The Shack

Please come join us for a time of communal faith growth that you likely have not experienced in quite this way before! It’s time we went deeper and became the all-in disciples Jesus called us to be!